Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is coming around again. In fact it is only 3 weeks away. Time really flies when one is busy.

When I think about this festival that we celebrate the 1st thing that

Zoo Tree
Image by Dustin C Oliver via Flickr

comes to mind are the  Christmas Party Games that we had when we were much younger.

We used to gather at grandma’s house and everyone would fly in to meet up and catch up with the rest of the family.  Food was a big draw and it still is at all our family functions. Christmas Party Games were the highlight for all the youngsters. We use to play Monopoly and card games. Now since most of us have our own kids we need to incorporate them into the family traditions.

For the younger kids/toddlers  I feel that we could try out pictionary this year. It is a game that I feel does help them build up their speech and vocabulary.  I certainly do not want them to indulge in hand held electronic games like gameboys or PSPs. Even though these devices are highly entertaining they are firstly not educational, 2nd bad for their vision and 3rd rather antisocial.  I for one am a parent which will not allow my child to own/have access to a PSP. I rather him be playing traditional games with us as a family.

Another game which I would like to  play this Christmas is Mahjong. It has really been a while since I last played this traditional chinese game.  This game is certainly suitable for us and the older relatives.

What christmas party games will you be having at your christmas gathering this year?