200th Post- New Milestones

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

On Monday we will be heading to the land of fun-  HK Disneyland. It will be our 1st visit to the place since it opened about 2/3 yrs ago. I can’t wait!! It has been a dream of mine to visit disneyland since I was young. I remember during my childhood years Mickey mouse and gang were big and they are still popular now. Even Roy can recognize the loveable mouse when he sees the figurines at the shopping malls here.

I have taken quite a number of photos during the past week and will upload them for everyone to see once we get back to Singapore.

Blog update:- I’ve successfully shifted this blog from Hostpapa to LunarPages and am still tinkering with the blog design here. Have yet to upload all the pictures from earlier posts back into the blog as they are stowed away on my home PC. I wrote about my experience changing hosts at JARD.- where I detail all my online  marketing experiences so far.

I have yet to do up the main page for that subdomain as am in two minds on whether to display it as a portfolio page or a online shop.

What do you suggest?