Recalling baby days

During these few months I have been invited to a few friend’s baby’s 1st

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month parties. It has been quite  some time since I have held a newborn in my hands. Carrying the fragile looking baby swaddled in his receiving blanket  made me recall the days where Roy was all so little. Everyone was cooing and fussing over the new baby.

It has been awhile since the birth of Roy,1yr 8mths to be exact. I can  still remember the joy and excitement I had during his full month celebration party in Jan 2007. It was great fun opening all the  baby gifts that our guest have generously gave us. My elder boy, Ryan, couldn’t wait to tear off the wrapping paper off each   gift to see what was inside.

Based on Chinese tradition, being one month old is equivalent to one’s 1st birthday.  Celebrating the birth of the baby happens after the baby is born instead of before like in Western Tradition. We have a baby shower for the baby with the baby present. It was so much fun seeing how the baby reacts to seeing each gift being presented to him. Also proud parents and grandparents get to show off the latest addition to the family.

Nowadays new parents are very lucky as they get lovely  presents like the diaper cake above. Not only is it physically attractive, it is also extremely practical as it consists of  70 diapers, a huggable teddy bear and skin care products for the baby. I wouldn’t mind having the bear for myself as I love teddy bears. Baby can keep the diapers and skin products. Mummy wants your bear!! 🙂 Okay, we share the bear ?

I only hope that I too will be able to receive such a gift when #3 comes along. We are planning for a girl for  2010.  Maybe I should start a baby gift registry to list items that I would like my friends to present me? A diaper cake will certainly be on my list.

Looking back at the photos and videos that I took that day it really reminds me that my babies have grown a lot since then.

This is a photo of Roy when he was 1mth old. Doesn’t he look very different from the photo of him taken recently? I really miss his ultra chubby cheeks and Michelin Tire look.

Do you still recall how your kids look when they were babies?

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