TT-1st blogger award/Baby’s grown up

This week I received my 1st double  Blogger award from Angeline. I am very honored to recieve it from her and have proudly displayed it on my site.

Roy started school on tuesday and seems to be adjusting fine. He was not as clingy as I had expected.

During the past two days he particpated in class and did the following

Matching of different balls to their nets – Basketball, netball, volleyball,tennis ball, Ping pong ball.

Look at the The difference between Big and small balls.

The difference between the texture- rough/smooth of the balls.

Today on the 2nd day they continued with Ball play and revised what was taught to them yesterday.

They even made their own play dough using flour, salt, oil and water.

He didn’t cry much in school and was very independent without me around.

I’m verry proud of his behaviour in school. My little boy has grown up 🙂