Busy mom’s guide to shopping smart

Shopping has always been a favourite past time for me.  Ever since the kids came along the time I have for slowly browsing through the various aisle at the department store has greatly lessen. Now  each time we go shopping with the boys in tow  it will have to be a 5 min pit stop grab and go outing.

Lingering along the aisle may bring along with it unwanted purchases by the  boys ever eager grabbing hands. They will be busy picking up stuff to examine or even attempt to unwrap/open.

Having a shopping guide is a good time saver. It not only tells you what items are available,  it also helps you pre-select the items you may need.  A lot of useful information regarding how the items are used and other helpful related items and sites for further research are mentioned. I am also able to get the best priced for the product I have chosen as the information about the lowest price together with which store it is offered in is displayed.

ShopWiki is a very comprehensive site which lists several of shopping guides for busy moms. It is a one stop referrence which makes it easy for me to do a comparison of the different products based on ther reviews made. The prices and places were each item can be bought are clearly stated.  It saves me a lot of time that I will have needed if I was doing the bargain sourcing on my own.