Reflective Monday Immunisation- Mummy & Me


Have you got your  jab already? Today Roy and I had our jabs. He had his 18mth DPT ( Diphtheria, Pertussis & Tetanus) booster while I took the 1st out of 3 Hep-B(Hepatitis B ) shot.  He was a brave boy and didn’t even grinch at the sight of the needle. He was more interested in raiding the jar of sweets that the doctor had on his desk. 🙂  My shot was a bit more painful than I had expected but seeing that Roy could sit through with without any fuss I couldn’t show any sign of discomfort. I just grit my teeth and went through it looking unaffected [ Can’t show that I have less tolerance to pain then he has right?? ]

With that prick it marked the end of the series of  compulsory shots that he had to go through. The next shot ( which is optional but I want him to take) will be the Chickenpox Vaccine which I had scheduled for next month together with my 2nd Hep-B shot.

*Kid’s health has a detailed write up on DPT and Hep-B if anyone is interested.