Talk to me- give me 5 minutes

It is Friday night and you reach home dead tired. As you are sinking into your couch trying to steal a few silent minutes to relax your child come’s up and jumps onto your lap. He or she is very excited over the days event’s and can’t wait to share and relate to you the day’s happening. Listening to your youngster rant about what happened today is last on your mind.

Seeing that you are not that interested in what he wants to share he yells, ” Mum I’m talking to you!!”

You sit up and snap at him for shouting and it ends up with both of you feeling unhappy and even angry at each other that night. Is that how you want to spend your evening at home?

Now. Press the stop button, then REWIND.

What could you have done to prevent such a situation?

In this scenario the mum is dead tired and needed some time to unwind from a day at work. Her child, brimming with energy can’t wait to share with her what he has done the whole day. Her child needed to unwind himself through talking and sharing his activities. Both of them had different ways of “chilling out” at the end of the day.

How could the mother deal with the matter more tactfully?

A split-second decision on when you want to give your child 5 minutes of undivided attention will help a lot in building your relationship with your child.

If you really need time away from your child. Do let him know that at this current moment mummy needs some time to be alone and that when he comes back, say 10 minutes later, you will be ready to spend sometime with him and give him the undivided attention that he needs. In this way, both of you will have your needs met. Your child would understand when will be the best time to approach you to talk about his day and when he can expect the attention he needs.