Finding a New Me- Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness


2018 had started out with me being in a very reflective mood. I had been thinking a lot on how I could have a closer walk with GOD and understand the scriptures better.  For many years I have been thinking of how I could improve spiritual health as I know that it hasn’t been very good.

I grew up in a Catholic family and have been following their traditions and customs when I was growing up. Now as an adult I start questioning more about the validity of certain traditions and if they were really meant as GOD wanted for us. Many customs  that are found in religion are man made and not justified by the WORD as so I question the meaning of having them and just following suit blindly. I couldn’t find answers with the church nor could the community that I was in help me find the answers to the questions that I had.  As I searched more traditions and customs that I had been made to observe started to make no sense to me. I didn’t want to blindly follow and go through the motions nor remain as a Sunday catholic anymore. Religion should play a more significant part of my life and be a pillar of the kids lives too.

Since 2016 I decided to start reading the bible and started up doing bible studies by following the schedules which were created by the LOVE GOD GREATLY community. I followed along each time a new bible study was added and have gone through 22 focused studies to date.  I started visiting other churches and moved out of the Catholic realm altogether.  I explored the Anglican, Methodist and Baptist Church before finding the one which the kids and I are most comfortable in last December. Since changing to this current church the kids and I are looking forward more eagerly to spending time in GOD’s house on Sundays. Having the proper spiritual support system in place is important as with the numerous evils in this world we need to give the kids the best arsenal possible in the event that they need to be involved in a spiritual battle.

My focus

My focus

The path to GOD is not easy. I have been told that I will face difficulties and be set on challenges which I will have to pass before I’m able to step up a step closer to him. My values and believes will be constantly tested and only if I surrender all and lean on him for support will I be able to sustain myself on this journey here on earth. There will constantly be temptations of this WORLD which try to sway me and I know that  I have him with me to deflect the urges for personal gratification and material accumulation which should not be my focus at all.  However come all that may I’m still going to place my bet on GOD.

Through  the turmoil that I have endured these past few years I now know how important it is to be centered personally in Christ. It can be said that I have had a spiritual awakening and have personally experienced how he has worked wonders in my life and pulled me through one of the most challenging times of my life to date with the numerous life altering decisions that I had to make since 2016.

To know  GOD is to immerse yourself completely with him. Daily scripture reading is a habit which I have cultivated and will be modelling to the kids so they too can experience the wonders of the WORD that GOD has given us.  Without GOD we will not be able to enjoy the peace and joy that we seek.

To know the WORD is not enough.  One must take action and be the living example if they want their kids too grow in their faith. This year I aim to bring prayer actively into my household and to immerse the kids in his WORD.

How do you focus on building up your Spiritual Wellness?


Night Ride on the Luge

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Tiger girl and me on the Skyline

Tiger girl and me on the Skyride

January was a month of new experience for the kids and me. It was the start of 2018 and we were lucky to be able to try out the Luge and Skyride at night. Ever since Skyline Luge Sentosa added on it’s night ride and new tracks the kids have been bugging me to let the visit the Luge so they can enjoy racing each other down the slope.

the night view on the skyride

the night view on the Skyride

We visited the place on a Wednesday night as I wasn’t too keen to jostle with the crowd on the weekend.  It was extremely cooling at night especially after the rain in the afternoon.  It was the first time that we were taking the Skyride at night and were blown away by the night scenery. Besides the lights from the ships and buildings from afar we were also intrigued by the neon lights that lit up the Jungle Trail and Dragon Trail which were below us.  The view was so much better at night then in the day.

The kids and me

The kids and me

When we reached the top of the skyride the kids couldn’t wait to get their helmets on before they started on the Luge ride back down to the bottom of the slope.  I didn’t take any photos with the kids as we were racing down the slope as it wasn’t safe to steer the LUGE with one hand while negotiating the various turns on the way down.  We had two rides down the slopes and during the first ride Tiger girl doubled up with me while her brothers went  on a vehicle each.

The Skyride Luge Sentosa has changed quite a bit since we were there 2 years ago.  They recently added in two new tracks- the  658 metre long Expedition and 638 metre Kupu Kupu, which means “Butterfly” in Malay. We were keen to try out the new tracks and went down each trail once.  The boys went off on their own while the girl and I leisurely cruised while making our way down.  After a doubled up ride with me Tiger girl’s confidence was boosted and she was keen to do her first solo Luge ride now at 7 yrs old.  It was a milestone achievement for her handling the Luge on her own and she could maneuver the corners  without much difficulty. I would had loved to be able to document her first solo ride but unfortunately wasn’t equipped with a GoPro attached to the helmet for easy videoing during our visit.  Maybe next time!!

Doggie boy coming to a stop at the end of the ride

Doggie boy coming to a stop at the end of the ride

The fun ended all too soon for the kids as they came to the bottom of the slope a 2nd time.  They wanted to go for more rides but it was nearly closing time and with the next day a school day we had to head back home to make it in time for bedtime for all. It was a great midweek chill out activity for all and are looking forward to the next time where we be back for another few rounds on the LUGE.

Skyline Luge Sentosa 

Opening hours – 10am  till 9.30pm
For more information do check out their facebook page.

Disclaimer: The kids and  I were invited for a fun time at Skyline Luge Sentosa. All opinions are 100% mine.