One Word 2019- Discovery

My One Word for 2019

It has been quite a while since I last had a word focus for the year. The last time I focused on a word was in 2016 where I placed my emphasis on Wisdom 2019 marks the beginning of a journey of discovery for me. I am ready to know more about myself and stretch myself even further to achieve more with his Grace.

Now that I am 40 my perceptiveness have been heightened. I’m extremely aware what is and isn’t beneficial for my growth and well- being. I will be focusing more on my passions and developing them fully. No more half-hearted attempts or procrastination to prevent me from achieving what I set out to do. With the kids are older with two in Secondary and One in elementary they are not as needy as before. I have more time to draft and execute my plans on a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Broken free from the toxic shackles which had once bonded me, I am free to explore areas which were once foreign for me. I no longer seek validation from those who do not have my best interest at heart. I do not need to put up with monsters who were actively trying to box me with their arrogance and demeaning attitude. They do not define me nor their behavior have anything to do with me anymore. I have released the dead weight from their unwarranted false accusations and unrealistic standards and am no long pinned under it.

I live by the WORD of GOD and am following what GOD has planned for me. I seek out the RHEMA paired with LOGOS to have a complete understanding on how and what he wants me to do here on earth- Thrive.

Bring on the Journey of Discovery.