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Tiger girl and me- Dominique's Desk

Tiger girl and me

Taking care of your emotions is extremely important. You mental well-being affects everything else around you.

Emotional Wellness implies the ability to be aware of and accept our feelings, rather than deny them, have an optimistic approach to life, and enjoy life despite its occasional disappointments and frustrations.

One goes through an array of different types of feelings for dawn to dusk. The emotions that we experience  can be positive or negative and it is especially essential that we acknowledge each and every emotion that we feel.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

How we cope with the negativity, emotional stress, disappointments and frustrations will shape the way we live.   You are the one who truly decides how you live.

To go for it alone or remain a People Pleaser and disregard your own emotions? I’m done being a  People Pleaser and ignoring my own well being for the sake of others who do not appreciate any of your sacrifice. I’m saying “No!” more often then before and focusing on what truly  matters to me and having my peace of mind.  No more surpressing my own emotions and giving up on my desires because of others.

I will not let others influence my emotions and send myself spiraling into depression because of their selfishness. It is not easy to remain level headed and not get influenced by their warped mentality.  I had enough of suppressing my own feelings so that others would feel good.

I have made many difficult decisions these two years and have shifted the focus to be more on ME. I will be turning 40 next year and it is about time that I shift the focus back on myself after devoting myself selflessly to the family and the kids for the past 20 years.


Nobody can care more about you then yourself.  Being the pillar of the family it is extremely important that I keep sane and also be in the best of health physically and mentally. I  have been working more on increasing my mental awareness through reading self help books and articles that I find online.  This has made me more acutely  in tune to my own feelings.

1 Peter 5:7-Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

I have learned to trust my GUT more and also leave all my worries to GOD.  Do the best that I can and let him handle the rest. Having such a perception greatly reduced the amount of stress that I feel.  Being able to handle my own emotions has certainly made me  a better person. I am more patient and less rash in my actions.   When things get a bit overwhelming I give myself chance to pause before deciding on what action to take in that particular situation.

Once emotions are triggered it may cause an array of feelings to surface within you.  Sometimes these feelings may be very hard to control and it really takes a lot of discipline to calm those frayed nerves in order to think and act rationally.  The intensity can be overwhelming  at times and makes one act out of the norm.

Our Fight or Flight mentality may lead us to act irrational at times therefore it is essential to remain grounded at all times.

Looking through the globe

Looking through the globe

Sometimes our thoughts may  seem to magnify the situation and give it too much emphasis then it actually  needs.  In moments like this I try to take a step back and refocus to align our thoughts so that my emotions are more settled before making any major decisions.

I do know that these challenges that are sent our way is GOD’s way of shaping us into a better person.  These trials that we have to endure will prepare us for entering his kingdom in his time.  It sometimes feels frustrating especially when things don’t seem to be going this way and it can be utterly exhausting at time.

Our emotional well being affects our health and attitude towards life therefore I find it extremely important to keep our emotions in check always.

It is essential that I keep myself emotionally healthy so that I will be able to lead and guide the kids well therefore I do take many moments of ME TIME a week to recharge and reflect on the actions that I have taken that particular week.

During these pockets of time I would reflect on the actions that I had done and  how I felt in relation to  the problems/ situations that I am currently handling.

As a single parent my kids only have me to look as up as mentor and guide therefore it is critical that I am emotionally balanced to be able to handle the changing emotions of the kids and guiding them properly on how to handle their own emotions.

How do you take care of your own emotional wellness?

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West Side Story – A Review

{Media Invite}

West Side Story Singapore 2017

West Side Story Singapore 2017

Romeo and Juliet inspired  play West Side Story has recently hit the shores of Singapore. The Musical by Arthur Laurents with music by Leonard Bernstein opened at the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands earlier on this week on the 13th of September.

I was lucky to be invited  to view this musical and it was my 1st time stepping into the Mastercard Theatre to watch a show.  As the show was not suitable for under 16s   due to the adult themes I brought a long a friend to watch the show together with me and we had a blast.

Our tickets to the preview of West Side Story

Our tickets to the preview of West Side Story

Set in the mid 1950s , the tragic love story between a Puerto  Rican girl (Maria) and a  White American (Tony) was portrayed by an all American cast.   The lead actor Marc Koeck as Tony opened up the play with an impressive rendition of his solo ” Maria”. The lead actress   Natalie Bellenger as Maria appeared on stage shortly after and they engaged in the duet  “Tonight”.

Instant chemistry was clearly evident between the leads and the hostility between the rival  street gangs the  Puerto Rican Sharks and Jets, a white gang could be strongly felt by the audience through a mixture of  dance and song. There were elements of pop, funk and jazz brought out through the bold movements of the dancers as they pranced around the stage effortlessly.

Watching the musical brought back memories to the time when I was performing on the violin as part of the live ensemble  during my secondary school days for the plays that were put up as part of the school’s anniversary celebrations.   It has been a really  a long time since I have heard a live orchestra and dancers belting out tunes while dancing on stage.

Capturing a shot with Amie of @mamamiethots before the show started

Capturing a shot with Amie of @mamamiethots before the show started

The first half of the 155 mins musical moved rather slowly as the shenanigans of the rival gangs were played out.  The pace picked up after the intermission and it ended on a “bitter sweet” note after the shootout which resulted in Tony’s death.

The West Side Story is still showing nightly at the Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres  at Marina Bay Sands till the 30th of September. (You can still catch it while you can!!)

Tickets are from S$55 to S$185  and can be purchased via the  Sistic  website. 

Limited Time Offer
Cool Tix (Students & NSFs) at S$35 nett ticket*
Silver Tix (Senior Citizens above 60 years old) at S$35 nett ticket*

*Only applicable to E Reserve ticket.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Disclaimer: I was given 2  tickets to view the musical West Side Story. All opinions are 100% my own.