Understanding other Cultures

Photo by Flickr

Living in a multiracial country the boys are lucky to be exposed to many different cultures. For those who do not know much about Singapore let me give you a brief introduction to our demographics.

Our small island has a population of 4.8Million(based on Yr 2008 statistics) The main 3 races are Chinese, Malay and Indians. Every day we interact with many different people of different races and religion.

I feel that it is very important that my boys get an introduction to the various different races/ cultures.  It is important to know the differences and sensitivities of the different cultures so one does not unintentionally offend someone from a different culture. By knowing more about others culture one will be more tolerant and understanding of others and grasp a deeper understanding of ones own culture.

To expose the boys to the various cultures we send them to an ” international” pre-school. The students in their pre-school are a mixture of  Chinese, Malay, Indian, Russian, French, Japanese, African and German. It is a real melting pot of different cultures. Ryan’s best friend is a  South African french speaking boy.

How are you exposing your children to other cultures?

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