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A purple bloom

A purple bloom

2014 has really started off as a very busy year for me. My daily schedule is more hectic then last year and there are so many different projects that I am carrying out this month.

The hours in each day whiz pass super fast as I move from one activity to another juggling the kids, R’s and  my personal schedule. It is only after all the kids have been packed off to school do I get a breather.

This is the best part of my day.  The brief 1-2 hours midday where I can get to be alone by myself.or engage in a kid free luncheon with friends or R. It is the time where I get my ME TIME. I feel that it is essential to have time to myself daily as it is most rejuvenating.

It gives me the time to plan what I want to do for the rest of the week, plan the meals that I want to cook. Time to relax in front of the television or  watch Korean drama on the iPad and also some time to do some midday exercise routine with the Wii.

What is your favourite time of your day?

What do you indulge in then?





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