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Grocery shopping with kids is one of the most stressful can be one of the most stressful experience for a mom of multiples. It can be a mammoth task getting the kids in and out of the supermarket with the groceries in one piece. Every week I have to plan my  trip to the supermarket carefully to ensure that I need to take only one kid along for grocery shopping at any one time.

Bring along more then one kid along for grocery shopping and you will have to play referee as they kids will be fighting to  be the one to push the shopping cart  along the  aisle.  Giving them a trolley each to push is not an option as it will only lead to a trolley race off between the boys.  Even though if only one of them gets to push the trolley you may still hear me  shouting at them to be careful and not to steer their shopping trolley into other shoppers as they treat is like a racing car.

At times like that I wish that I have hands like an octopus, and eyes like a fly  to make sure that all three kids are  kept out of trouble.

Trust me it isn’t a pretty sight to see a trolley tipped over with groceries spilling out onto the floor as one of the boys had sent it spinning down a ramp just for the fun of it. It will  certainly make you swear not to go grocery shopping again with the kids!!

These days we are lucky to be able to order groceries “safely ” from the comforts of our own home. No more supermarket disaster trips with the kids and  I can have a stress free grocery shopping experience.



The main page

The main page


 RedMart  is the latest online grocery shop where you can buy your groceries with a click of the mouse. There is no need to be stressed up doing grocery shopping with the kids and I have the convenience to shop anytime.  I can even do my shopping at the dining table while monitoring the kids as they are doing their homework. 

Sign up for an account

Sign up for an account

You just need to sign up for an account and can get started shopping  with ease.  Signing up with them also makes it easier for you to re-order in the future. You are also notified via e-mail about their latest promotions and deals.

Adding items to the cart

Adding items to the cart

My User experience

Shopping  with RedMart was really simple.

After creating an account for myself I just had to click  to the different sections to see the variety of items that they had to offer. (They do have a large selection of products) If I wanted a particular item I just needed to click on the red button that shows “add to cart” and my selection would be taken note off. The website was really easy to navigate and within 20 minutes I was done with my purchases.

The prices are really competitive and comparable to the  major supermarkets.

I compared the prices  of certain items on the website and were surprised to see that they match the prices which I have been paying for the item when I go for my grocery run.


RedMart offers free delivery for purchases above $75. 

This is really good as it can be extremely cumbersome to lug the heavy groceries bags home while at the same time carrying a 14kg heavy  Tiger girl. Many a times I feel as if my arms are going to give way due to the excessive weight that I have to bear.


The bags of groceries

The bags of groceries- delivered!!


Within placing the order for my groceries it was promptly delivered on the selected day at the given timing. That’s a real thumbs up from me for good service.  I’m certainly going to continue using their service now that I know how easy it is to go shopping without the kids 🙂

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