When you kid grabs your mobile

This are the photos that I found on my mobile. Ryan went “trigger happy” and went snapping photos of everything while in the car with me.  I still do not get why the boys are so fasinated with my Nokia phone.  Everytime Ryan has access to it he will be busy snapping away while if Roy does get his pudgy fingers on it he will be busy sending MMS. It is a good thing that I had already preset the 1st telephone number on my contact list to be  hubby’s mobile number to prevent MMS spamming.

Just the other day hubby was complaining why I sent 5 MMS to him. I replied that I didn’t and asked him to check the messages. On each MMS was Roy’s cute photo.

” See.. it’s your son who sent you those message. He kept sending message to you because you didn’t reply him ” *wink wink*