Blog Trip – Day 2

Petrol prices here in Singapore are expensive. It costs $2.07/L for Unleaded 98 and $2.00/L for Unleaded 92

1 gallon = about 3.77 litres

1 gallon of petrol would set you back by SGD $7.54

A full tank for my car is 40L = $80 (USD $56)

Even though there are buses and taxis around it is still more convenient for me to drive around with two small kids. It is a real logistic nightmare to bring them about using public transport.  The public are less then tolerant to parents with small kids and I do not fancy being jostled about, running to catch the train/bus or even facing temper tantrums from the kids if they get cranky during the trip out/home.

Just for your info an average car in Singapore cost about $50,000- $60,000 for a 1.5L sedan (auto).
I’m driving a 7 seater Japanese MPV 1.5L. We traded in our 2.2 L continental car for a Japanese as it was burning a big hole in our pockets due to the rising oil prices.
If you are dreaming of a Volkswagon Golf 2.2 auto as I am it would set you back by about $140,000.

How much is a car and petrol where you are?