Tuesday Toots

TT- Ryan’s Report Card

This week I received Ryan’s work file and his report card. I was presently surprised to hear that he has progressed a lot in school. He is now able to write in both English and Chinese independently!!

His Chinese writing book

English Alphabet Writing sheets

I think it is time I started him on Japanese since he seems to be coping fine with both English and Mandarin.

Tuesday’s Toot- Blogging Giveaways

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival ButtonThis week I took part in this bloggy giveaways. It is my first time participating in this event. It seems really fun. You can check out all the other giveaway offers from other bloggers at this site.

I have 2 offers- One for Singapore residents and the other international.

#1- This is only for Singapore Residents due to the hefty shipping costs involved.

#2 For International ( Singapore residents are welcomed too) I am giving 2hrs of my time which they can redeem over a 2 month period for e-learning. What I focus on are parenting skills, educating babies/toddlers and elementary school kids ( I am a elementary school teacher). Or if you need tips/help in basic PC troubleshooting, teaching your kid in English , Mandarin or Cantonese.

What do you need to do?

Just drop me a comment here about your main parenting concerns and leave your e-mail or a way for me to contact you.

Comment entries due by Friday 25th at midnight (SG Time)

I will randomly pick the winner over the weekend. 🙂