10 Reasons Why I Support Breastfeeding

world breatfeeding weekThis week is World Breastfeeding Week  and to show my support for all breastfeeding moms here is a list of 10 reasons why I support breastfeeding. I have been breastfeeding my 3 kids and am still breastfeeding 10.5 month old Tiger Girl.

  1. It ensures that your infant gets the best and most natural nutrients to ensure healthy growth.
  2. I can save a lot of milk powder money as breast milk is free.
  3. I can save the trouble and hassle of having to wash bottles and sterilize them before the next feed.
  4. It helps me bond with my child and makes her reassured that I’m around for her.
  5. It boosts your child’s immunity through the antibodies passed to them during breastfeeding. My #3 has been extremely healthy since she was born and her brothers do not fall ill as often as other kids their age.
  6. It is associated with higher IQ as artificial chemicals and stimulants are not introduced to your child.
  7. It is convenient and I only need to invest in a good breastfeeding shield to prevent any awkward moments.
  8. Helps to facilitate proper dental and jaw development of the child.
  9. Helps the mummy (me) get back into shape and reduce weight faster.
  10. Reduces the chance of breast cancer for both mother and child.


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Upgrades/New Blog/ Milk Machine

This week I managed to upgrade my blog from WordPress 2.3.3 to 2.5 It took me quite a while to figure out how to update the files without losing customization and posts already on the server. I also added on a new blog on a subdomain – JARD( Just a Regular Dudette) where I jot down my experiences in internet marketing.

Been  a milk machine since Roy’s birth. Hubby, ILs and others have been asking me when I will be weaning him but I feel that I should let him self-wean since there is no hurry for me to go back to work. He has been growing well and is now a healthy 11kg despite being a very picky eater.