Friday Memes

Chocomisu on a Friday

the cake

I’ve been thinking about doing a non baked cake for awhile. After being tempted seeing Karen’s Tiramisu which she baked a few months back I decided to make my own.  I didn’t really fancy having coffee in a cake so I substituted it with hot chocolate instead . I used a round 9 inch springform pan and chilled the cake for approximately 8 hrs. It tasted heavenly but was a bit too “rich” for me to eat it by myself. The kids did take a small piece each and we shared the cake with our neighbour and her kids.

A slice

AS you see that it’s really creamy as there is both mascarpone cheese and whipped cream inside.  The cake literally melts in your mouth as you eat it.

Have you baked anything recently?


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Yummy Birthday Treats on a Friday

Chocolate Brownie
On Wednesday I had a great 34th birthday celebration. This year I decided to bake myself a chocolate brownie cake to share with friends and family.  I initially wanted to make a Tiramisu cake but realized that some of the ingredients which were needed were missing at the last minute. I’ll save making the Tiramisu or change it to a Chocomisu and bake it next week instead. The kids loved eating the brownie.

It was the first time that Tiger girl too took a bite of the brownie. She normally passes on all the bakes that I make. I guess that it must have been super yummy for her to get her stamp of approval on it. My friends who I met for lunch too liked the brownie.

Firehouse ice-cream

Tea was spend with my mum and we went to Swensons for their firehouse birthday special.  It felt nice to have a mother child bonding session with her without the kids. It has been a long time since both of us went out together on a mother daughter outing.


I ended up the day with having dinner with R at Itacho Sushi at the airport. The food was really yummy but a bit pricy. It was great to finally be able to have some couple time with him.

It was really great to have time to spend  my time with my friends and family without the distraction from the kids.

How was your week?


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