Surviving your Teenager and Being Happy Anyway

Surviving Your Teenager: And Being Happy Anyway by Judith Joy is a book which gives you practical advise on how to deal with a teenager.

I do not have teenagers at the moment as my eldest is only 10 years old. However I’m sure they be hitting their teenage years really soon and it would be great to have some information on how to deal with them in time to come.

Judith’s book  is broken down into 20 chapters. In her book she covers the topics like Principles, Decision Making,  Intentions, Expectation, Rules,Choice, Balance and Neutrality among others.

Being a teenager is the time where they want to assert their own decisions and “test the limits”. It is the time where they would experiment with all that you have taught them so far.

Would you be willing to let go and let them make mistakes? Will you be silently supporting them from the sidelines instead of running the show like when they were kids?

In each chapter there are question to ask yourself where you stand on certain issues and if the way you have been address it worked for you so far. Is there anything you wish to change or would have done differently?

There are hints and suggestions on how to work around the problems that one may be facing as a teenager and how the parent is able to assist them in this matter.

My thoughts 

I found this book really interesting as the concepts address not necessarily be just for teenagers but can be for adults too who are looking to have some clarity in their lives and be able to understand their kids better.

The clear structure of each chapter with summary and notes at the end make it easier for one to understand and digest what the author wishes to convey.

Grab your copy of Surviving Your Teenager: And Being Happy Anyway today.
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