Knitting Fun

Monkey boy knitting

Monkey boy knitting his scarf

It’s the school holidays and time for the kids to learnΒ  some new skills. This holidays we decided to learn knitting so the kids could their own scarf to use during their winter vacations. This year we will be going skiing if we manage to catch the snow during our trip overseas so having handmade scarves would certainly come in handy.

Bi Color Scarf

Bi Color Scarf

This was the first scarf that Doggie boy and I knitted together. We didn’t do a good job at estimating the number of balls of thread we needed to complete the scarf so as a result we used two balls of different colors instead.

Doggie boy's scarf

Doggie boy’s scarf

This is the 2nd piece which I did. A red scarf for Doggie boy. It gets easier to knit with practice.

The scarf I knitted for Tiger girl

The scarf I knitted for Tiger girl

Since the boys already had their scarfs done I did one up for the girl too.

Do you enjoy knitting?



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