Weekend Reflections: Dealing with Feelings

Black and white Composition of Grills

Black and white Composition of Grills

This week has been a real roller coaster for me with feelings of euphoria and despair.  I am happy to see that the boys are doing well in school and have achieve good results this term.  I’m also glad that R managed to get time off his work  to schedule in a trip to Korea to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

All these positive and happy feelings nearly got wiped out when I got the result of the latest Google Page Ranking update. The blog has taken a hit and had lost it’s PR ranking. Just when things are picking up on the blog with more incoming campaigns and an increase in traffic such a heavy blow had to be dealt.

I was really shocked when I received the news and that dreaded e-mail in my inbox informing me about unnatural links on the site. I really have no idea what caused it and it really stressed me out trying to figure out which were the links that were causing the problem and if they were links from my side out or people linking it.  I went about searching for information on the steps that I should be to rectify the problem on my end.

Through that episode I’ve learned that one must be vigilant about the ever changing rules set by Google and that it doesn’t help fretting over such things. I should and have to put more faith in GOD and believe that he will give me the strength to ride through any crisis that comes my way.



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What has been on your mind this weekend?