10 Things You can Find Inside my Bag

Top down view of my bag

Top down view of my bag

The handbag is the must have item a mom must have before she leaves the house.ย  It is the go-to bag for all the items needed that needs to use on the go or while with the kids outside. You are expected to anticipate and have the things which your kid may need in case of “emergencies”


Would you like a sneak peek into my bag?

The Items within my bag

The Items within my bag

Here is a list of ten items in my bag.

1. My Ipad

For checking e-mails and messages on the go. It also allows me to keep the kids occupied if necessary.

2. A notebook and pen
This is not for me but for Tiger girl as she likes to doodle and draw while waiting for meals or during mass in church.

3. Wet Wipes

Essentials for any parent to keep the kids hands clean and clear up messes.

4. Diaper and Pants

This is more for Tiger girl as although she is toilet trained there is still a possibility of accidents happening when we are out.

5. Wallet

To hold the essential cards and cash.

6. Sunglasses

To shade me from the scorching sun.

7. My handphone ( Not in the picture as it was used to take the photo)
To be contactable at all times.

8. My make up pouch

To hold my lip stick, lip gloss together with a small mirror, eye drops, mosquito repellant and sunblock.

9. Admission tickets

Tickets from the Flower Dome Garden at the Bay which we visited last week.

10. A parcel receipt
The receipt for the parcel which I sent at the post office last week to my cousin in Australia.

What is in your handbag?

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