Writer’s Workshop: Memories of Childhood

When I was young

Memories are things that help to build up your life experiences. Good and Bad they help to shape your life and groom you into the person you are today.

The earliest childhood memory that I had was about my interest with the camera. I loved having my parents take photos of me and posing for the camera.  I would smile readily whenever the camera is pointed at me.

I guess that my fascination with camera started from there.  I liked to see myself on print. Back then there were no digital cameras and everything was on film and printed out. My parents took many pictures of my sister and me and there are loads of albums of our old pictures back at their place.

I remember that I like to pose with my favourite teddy bear which was given to me by my nanny. However looking through the album which I have on hand I couldn’t find any nice photos of the bear. It is great that  I have all these photos of my childhood years all in print. Even though the photos have yellowed with age but they are really precious keepsakes which I have.

Do you help your children capture the memories of their childhood?

Are they documented?

Jenny MatlockMama’s Losin’ It