Cougar Cub Tales:The Sneezy Wheezy Day

Cougar Cub Tales:The Sneezy Wheezy Day by Sharon Cramer is one book out of three from the series of book under Cougar Cub Tales. This book which is aimed at  young readers age 2-8 is filled with lovely water colour painting like illustrations of the cougars and the other forest animals who they visited . I loved the vivid colours associated with each animal and how aptly it represents them.

Cramer’s book  focuses on about the love and bond between the siblings made up of a brother and sister Cougar pair. Both of them search around for a cure for  the boy cougar’s ailments as he seemed rather unwell that day. Girl cougar brought her brother to visit the white owl, royal king stag, Bobby the goose , the fox and a few others looking for a cure for him. They tried the suggested methods suggested by the various friends but Boy cougar only got worst after each visit.

In the end it was care and tea made by his sister that made his flu bug go away. The love and care of the sister for her sick brother is something which is admirable and can be modeled upon.

Even though this book is aimed at young readers but the language used in the book seems beyond the comprehension of a child that age. I would recommend it for intermediate readers instead as I had to do a lot of explanation about the use of  words like  “admirably kind” and “taken a chill” as my kids are not used to Sharon Cramer’s writing style.

Note: For the week of  Jan 23-27 you can download the book free from Amazon.


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