Visit to Bodyworlds at Singapore Science Centre

Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life

Singapore Science Centre

On till the 6th March 2010

Admission Charges: Science Centre + Bodyworlds

Adult: $21 Child $13 ( 3-16yrs old)

* 18% discount if you produce your Passion Card when you purchase your tickets.

On Boxing Day we brought the kids to the Science Centre to view the exhibitions at Body Worlds.  This exhibition has been in Singapore since October.

Body Worlds  had received quite a controversial review due to the fact that they use real human bodies as exhibits. It can be  a rather gruesome site for some and admission to the exhibition did come with a  disclaimer that it may be unsuitable for young kids. Nevertheless we felt that it would be educational for the boys to view these exhibits.

Ryan has been interested in the various parts of the body and had been asking me to borrow more books about the human body from the library.

This was a chance for him to see first hand for himself the various parts of the body and the different systems that made up the body. He kept asking me about how each part of the body interact with the other parts.

Roy too was interested  in seeing the various bones. The giraffe and horse exhibit were the most impressive  to him. He kept on pointing to these two animals and pulling me over to stand next to him at the exhibits. It must have taken years to create these pieces of art as each piece was painstakingly preserved and carved out to represent the various human body systems.

I personally was interested to see the conception of a baby. The showed how the baby looked at 3 weeks , 12 weeks, 4mths, 6mth and 8mths in the womb.  I had a clearer idea on how a baby develops in the mother’s womb and how Ryan and Roy must have looked at those various stages.  It definitely  gives one a much clearer view how the baby develops than through the ultra scan pictures that one views at the gynae.

Here is a short clip which I found on You Tube explaining how the exhibits are made.


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