The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell

The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell

The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell – A Marketing Guide to Making Money While You Sleep by Brian J Greenberg is a book which I recently picked up to read. With the escalating cost of living  I have always been looking out for ways to make more money to support the kids and myself. I have been very hesitant about doing sales  as I’m not very outgoing however  since I’ve started embracing challenges this is something that I haven’t phased out giving a try.

In the 4 sections of the book Brian shows how one can do the following.

  • Influence without selling
  • How to get found
  • Practice what you preach
  • How to keep growing

One will need to do some investment first in branding yourself before you are able to start attracting the right customers/clients. There maybe upfront cost developing a professional looking website , getting a suitable office address and telephone system to project a professional image.

Social proof is extremely important for marketers and even so when everything is online nowadays.  With it well established it will be easier to get others to jump on the bandwagon and gain more business. One will need to “dress up” their website with seals of guarantees, testimonials, clients profiles and other types of endorsements to improve on the website’s Klout.

Product and service reviews help to build up the reputation of your brand. Seals and Guarantees also help to boost your credibility online.  Showing statistics and your portfolio online also helps to get more people aware of your capabilities and services that you offer.

It is all about getting leverage on the different platforms available online and offline. To be clearly VISIBLE  by using other ranked platforms to direct traffic to your side. Getting Keywords pointing to your site ranked and having it being reflected on the 1st page of GOOGLE search.

Having a good clean image also helps to boost your reputation online.  Good customer service and being customer focused is recommended by the author.

My thoughts 

Reliability on  reviews  to promote one’s product or service can be questionable. Many websites put up testimonials to increase their credibility however I personally am skeptical on the authenticity of such writings. With the advancement of the internet and also rise of many online markets/ stores. It is increasingly difficult to make one’s presence known in the global marketplace. It is increasingly difficult to create a niche for oneself. The rules of engagement are constantly changing and visibility is slipping through the cracks.  Even though the author does give some good suggestions most of the techniques recommended are not that effective in the current climate given the constantly changing algorithms with the different modes of marketing. Nevertheless it does make a good start for one who is interested in creating a presence online.





Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100%  mine