Monday Hops and Pops

happy monday blues

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It’s another Monday and it’s back to the school routine which starts with waking up at 7am to get the  Doggy boy ready for school. It will be another 5 more days before I will be able to sleep in past 8am ( provided the little girl can fall back asleep after her morning feed).

These two weeks have been filled with lots of  excitement as  two of my  friends have recently popped with their #3 and #4 boy respectively. It’s great to see that Tiger girl will be having many other kids around the same age to play with.  I’m really lucky to have friends whose kids are all around the same age as mine. It would certainly be a blast for the kids when we do come together.

This week Java posed the following questions.


1.  Who would be your dream celebrity date?

I couldn’t decide between the two. It would be either be Wu Chun of the Taiwanese Boy band Fei Lun Hai or Kim Hyun Joong the lead singer of the Boy band SS501. Both of them can sing and act.

2.  Do you have any food restrictions?

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No I don’t have any food restrictions but I do not fancy food with shells on them.

3.  How much time do you take to get ready in the morning?

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It normally takes me10-15 minutes to get ready in the morning. You will have to add on 30 minutes if I were to get all the kids ready (Fed, teeth brushed and changed) in the morning.

4.  Sausage or bacon?

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Definitely Bacon!!

5.  Do you Google, Bing or Yahoo?

Google is my first choice. If I can’t use Google I’ll use Yahoo to search.

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