Baby R3 Gift Registry

Baby R3 will be making her debut in about six months time. We have been sorting out the boys old stuff to see if they can be re-used for the baby. Unfortunately most of their stuff have to be trashed as they have yellowed with age or are simply not working anymore.

Here is a list of items which will have to be purchased ( hopefully gifted by friends/relatives)

1. Steam Sterliser

The steam sterliser which I used to have was the Pigeon Rapid Sterliser.   It really helped to keep the milk bottles and breast pumps sterlised and ready for use when needed.

2.  BPA free Milk bottles

New milk bottles will need to be purchased. ( Min 2 x 125ml 4 x 250ml)

3. Disposable Breast Pads

I have tried both reusable and disposable and the Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads are one of the best in the market. Will need to stock up boxes of them.

4. Crib Sheets and a new mattress

New sheets, waterproof mattress protector and crib sheets will have to bought to fit the existing baby crib.

Is there anything else I should add to the list?

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