Weekend Reflections- The Marriage Commitment


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Marriage Commitment

I choose you to be my husband/wife.

I choose to live together with you

within the covenant of marriage.

I will love you, comfort you, and honor you

in sickness and in health, in good time, and in bad times.

I will always show reverence to you,

Respecting your individuality and freedom to grow.

I will join together with you to be of service to the world.

I choose you for who you are and who you may become;

To assist you in your tasks;

To be sensitive to your needs;

To give of myself to the fullest development of your life;

To be challenged by you

to the fullest development of my own life;

To trust you in all ways and to be faithful to you in all things.

May God, our eternal Father, help us to decide

to love each other always, so that His joy and peace
may stay with us and always be in our home.

I pledge my trust, my love , and my faithfulness.

May we always show the love of God in our lives,

So that those who are hurting and in need
will find us to be their gentle,
generous, and compassionate friends.


This weekend I would like to share with all my readers the Marriage Commitment which is found on one of the pages in our Retrouvaille  workbook. We have  finally completed the whole course and are now equipped with all the tools that we need to make our marriage a more wonderful and meaningful one.

How are you working on your own marriage?