Friday Linky Love- End August Edition

In a few hours time I will be off on a marriage renewal weekend with R.  We have been talking a lot lately about our relationships, kids and what we wish for our future. This weekend will be a catalyst for getting to know each other deeper and to iron out any differences that we have been having lately.

Marriage does has it’s fare share of ups and down and it hasn’t been an all smooth sailing 8 years for us.

I will be spending this weekend learning how to reconnect with R.  I hope that our marriage will age like  a bottle of vintage  wine.

Let me leave you this week with a round up of what I  have been reading.

  1. How to understand and use nutrition fact label
  2. Lies, Damn Lies and Follower Counts what really matters
  3. The Never Ending Goodnight
  4. The Biggest Lie many parents live by

Do you have any interesting reads to share with me this week?

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