Educating Your Child- IQ Boosting Activities

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IQ(Intelligence Quotient) -relates to ones ability to  think and reason.

As the poster for the movie I.Q on the right when one thinks of intelligence the 1st person to mind would be Albert Einstein, the famous scientist who discovered the theory of relativity and the formula –.

The 1st  IQ test that kids have in Singapore would be the GEP(Gifted Education Program) screening test that Primary 3 students may opt for.  Upon passing the two rounds of screening the child may opt to transfer to one of the schools which has the GEP program.

There are many ways and even products which claim to boost your child’s IQ.  I, personally, do not believe that by listening to tapes, watching DVDS or reading books would increase a child’s IQ significantly but nurturing  from birth.

Here are some easy to follow tips which you can implement without having to spend a fortune

  1. Be expressive in your description. This is especially towards toddlers and preschoolers as they are really observing each and every movement of yours.
  2. Advocate reading on a frequent basis (daily if possible). Through reading your child improves in his understanding of text, language and voice signals. It also builds up his vocabulary bank and understanding of the various cultures, environments that we live in.
  3. Schedule play dates, visits to playground/park so that your child is able to mingle with others. In this way he would understand how to interact with others as well as the need for partnership.
  4. Play games like charades, chess or puzzles with your kids. These games help to encourage your kid to exercise their  analytical thinking skills.  Memory recall games also would aid in building up their  memory and concentration skills.
  5. Introduce your child to music.  Rhythm and movement has been known to help in developing the right brain.
  6. Being there for him. Children, especially toddlers, are very affected by your physical presence.  They feel a sense of security when their moms or dads are around them and are more confident to carry out tasks you assign them.
  7. Keeping your child physically active. Sign your kid up for rollerblading or swimming. Physical activity boosts blood flow throughout the body and brings more oxygen to the brain. It would enhance your child’s ability in concentration, attention and thinking.
    Physical activity will also help develop your child’s fine motor and cognitive skills.
  8. Getting sufficient rest. Experts recommend that a child gets a minimum of 8 hrs of sleep daily to be able to function at their optimal level.

How do you boost your child’s IQ?