Making Reading Interesting

Nowadays many parents are very anxious to see their children be effective readers even before they enter elementary school. They are afraid that their child lose out to others and fall behind in the fast changing pace of education.

To give your child the edge one should start through cultivating the interest in reading in the child while they are young.

Here are tips on how you can make reading more interesting

Tip # 1 Read anything and do it often.

Reading could be done anytime/anywhere throughout the day and not only confined to bedtime stories before they sleep. You can read out snippets from the magazine/newspapers that you subscribe as a change from the usual storybooks. This can help stir their interest in the daily happenings and increase their knowledge in current issues. It also helps you build up a close bond with your child as you are sharing with him/her what is close to your heart.

Tip #2 Do not just read the book from cover to back

Bring the story/article to life. Discuss with you child what the story is talking about. Get him/her to interact with the story by asking inferential questions. Use hand actions to place focus to certain items on the page which you would like to emphasize. You can also add in songs and dance to make the story move lively.

Tip #3 Make reading fun.

Make it a positive and happy activity. Never force your child to sit and read a book if he/she is unwilling. By doing so it will only instill negative thoughts towards the activity and make them shut themselves off from being receptive to the pleasures of knowledge building through reading. If you yourself show that you enjoy reading, your child will slowly develop the same desire and interest too as they love to model and emulate what us, adults, do.

I need a fever sticker

During the past few weeks Ryan has started procastinating every morning before going to school. It always starts with ” Mummy I am sick… I need a fever sticker.” This is followed by him lying flat on the bed with his hand to his forehead.

” Feel me.. my head is hot.. I have a fever”. I reach over and feel his forehead. It is fine.. ” No fever,” I replied” Now get changed for school.”

” I told you I’m sick” Ryan insists ” Check my temperature again”

This time to make sure and to show him that his really FINE I take out the clinically approved BRAUN thermormeter and took his temperature. ” See.. 36.7degree celcius” I exclaim ” Put on your clothes and get ready for school”

Ryan still insists that he needs a fever sticker.

” If you have a fever sticker will you feel better and be okay to go to school?” I quizzed him. Ryan nodded and said yes.

Grudgingly I go to the refigerator peel open the pack of fever stickers, take one out and paste it on his forehead.

“Ok…Now you have your fever sticker,” I say “get dress for school”

He changes out of his pyjamas and into his school uniform and within 10 min he was happily boarding the school bus with the sticker on his forhead.


* For anyone who is wondering what a Fever sticker is it is a cooling adhesive used commently here to bring down the temperature when children have fever. It looks something like this