Surviving the Secondary Years

As our kids grow up and move through the different stages of life there are various changes that they face. In the previous series on the Transition between Primary and Secondary the challenges that tweens in Singapore faced were addressed. Monkey boy completed his Secondary school and now is studying in a tertiary institute while Doggie boy will be sitting for his N-Levels this year. Having experienced personally how my boys have been in secondary school I have decided to pen down how they had adapted to secondary school life.

In this follow up series I will be touching on these various areas.
– Re-orientation to the school system.
– Neighbourhood vs Elite school
– Subject Based Banding and it’s challenges.
– Handling study stress and being productive.
– Understanding and maintaining relationships.

If you do have any other areas which you do wish me to cover do feel free to leave a comment below.

How did your kids survive the Secondary School years?

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