Finding a New Me

Finding a New Me- Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness


2018 had started out with me being in a very reflective mood. I had been thinking a lot on how I could have a closer walk with GOD and understand the scriptures better.  For many years I have been thinking of how I could improve spiritual health as I know that it hasn’t been very good.

I grew up in a Catholic family and have been following their traditions and customs when I was growing up. Now as an adult I start questioning more about the validity of certain traditions and if they were really meant as GOD wanted for us. Many customs  that are found in religion are man made and not justified by the WORD as so I question the meaning of having them and just following suit blindly. I couldn’t find answers with the church nor could the community that I was in help me find the answers to the questions that I had.  As I searched more traditions and customs that I had been made to observe started to make no sense to me. I didn’t want to blindly follow and go through the motions nor remain as a Sunday catholic anymore. Religion should play a more significant part of my life and be a pillar of the kids lives too.

Since 2016 I decided to start reading the bible and started up doing bible studies by following the schedules which were created by the LOVE GOD GREATLY community. I followed along each time a new bible study was added and have gone through 22 focused studies to date.  I started visiting other churches and moved out of the Catholic realm altogether.  I explored the Anglican, Methodist and Baptist Church before finding the one which the kids and I are most comfortable in last December. Since changing to this current church the kids and I are looking forward more eagerly to spending time in GOD’s house on Sundays. Having the proper spiritual support system in place is important as with the numerous evils in this world we need to give the kids the best arsenal possible in the event that they need to be involved in a spiritual battle.

My focus

My focus

The path to GOD is not easy. I have been told that I will face difficulties and be set on challenges which I will have to pass before I’m able to step up a step closer to him. My values and believes will be constantly tested and only if I surrender all and lean on him for support will I be able to sustain myself on this journey here on earth. There will constantly be temptations of this WORLD which try to sway me and I know that  I have him with me to deflect the urges for personal gratification and material accumulation which should not be my focus at all.  However come all that may I’m still going to place my bet on GOD.

Through  the turmoil that I have endured these past few years I now know how important it is to be centered personally in Christ. It can be said that I have had a spiritual awakening and have personally experienced how he has worked wonders in my life and pulled me through one of the most challenging times of my life to date with the numerous life altering decisions that I had to make since 2016.

To know  GOD is to immerse yourself completely with him. Daily scripture reading is a habit which I have cultivated and will be modelling to the kids so they too can experience the wonders of the WORD that GOD has given us.  Without GOD we will not be able to enjoy the peace and joy that we seek.

To know the WORD is not enough.  One must take action and be the living example if they want their kids too grow in their faith. This year I aim to bring prayer actively into my household and to immerse the kids in his WORD.

How do you focus on building up your Spiritual Wellness?


Finding a New Me- Social Wellness

Surround Yourself with people who will take you higher

Social wellness refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Our relationships can offer support during difficult times. It is important to build healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you. 
As they say the circle of friends you hang around with defines you.  They help to shape your thoughts and perception on how you want to lead your life. Therefore it is extremely important to be careful about who you let into your inner circle.

Quality vs Quantity

As I grow older I get more selective about who I want around me. Not everyone may be who they seem on first experience. Sometimes something that seems too good to be true may turn out to be a rotten apple disguised as a golden one. Relationships have to be two ways be it with benefits, communication and understanding for it to be long lasting.  It cannot be something one sided where one party continually takes what the other offers and suck him dry over time.
A Mantra I follow

A Mantra I follow

 I’ve met many people who are FAKE . They pretend to be nice and concern about you but in actuality they are just sizing you up so that they can exploit your trust, abilities and achievement for their own personal benefits. When they are being called out for their inconsistencies / lies or exaggerations they become defensive and even abusive attacking your character and values. The mask that they have been parading around drops and their true behavior and intentions can be seen. They refuse to take responsibility for their own action and blame everyone else except themselves. These individuals are  Highly delusional  and I refuse to have them around me and the kids. Period. 
Blood relationships  are not as important to me as before. I’ve learnt that not all are your family.  Some of my previous relationships are now of no significance to me especially when they are from highly toxic individuals with tainted blood. It was a  pity that I was born into a toxic extended family. Their constant bickering and comparison had affected me and my perception of what a relationship should be.
It had taken me quite awhile to eliminate all the toxic ones who were outwardly and/or passively aggressive to me and the kids.  We deserve a normal life and one which is free from others who were constantly undermining or demeaning us for their own selfish agenda.
Life is difficult enough as a single mom of three  and there is no need to add on unwanted and nonsensical drama by these delusional individuals to our lives to make it harder.
Another mantra

Another mantra which I subscribe to.

I frown upon people who easily pass judgment on others so they “appear” to be superior to others. Who are they to judge when GOD doesn’t judge? No doubt you and I have flaws but it is not something to be constantly targeted by others in attempt to bring down your level of self confidence or bully you into submission with their constant criticism .

Emerging from a 20 yr long abusive relationship I’ve grown stronger and wiser. I’m no longer the naive 16 yr old who blindly trusted others, especially elders, to guide me along the path with their ” trust me I know better” attitude. I won’t let other people destroy my self esteem nor integrity. I’m my own women and am accountable to myself and GOD  and not these people.

My most important asset is my time therefore I am not going to waste time on  fake people who don’t need my attention. I’m no longer settling for mediocre or below standard and other time wasters. I trust actions more then words and when they do not match up I won’t be wasting my time and effort on these time wasters.

Time is extremely precious to me being a single mom with multiple portfolios to juggle. I cannot and do not want to spend it unproductively. I want to surround myself with people who will lift me up and spur me on to be the best version of myself.

Through all the trials and tribulations that I have faced especially during the past two years this can’t be even more true to me. I now surround myself with like minded individuals who are are non judgmental and supportive in my endeavors.  I on my part try my best to support my friends and family to the best of my ability without compromising  my values, integrity and goals.

I show by my own actions as an example to my kids what are healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to seek out  and maintain healthy ones in their lives.

What do you do to maintain your social wellness?