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The Importance of Making Time for Me

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Being a full time mother is having a  job which has one of the longest working hours on a daily basis. We are busy from the time we wake up and only able to take a break when the kids go to bed at night. Sometimes our day doesn’t end till past midnight as we still have unfinished chores and task to do for the day.  Many people perceive that  full time mothers would fall into the trap of being  so busy taking care of their kids that they start to neglect their own well being.

That’s definitely not me. Certainly not!

I believe that it is important to take care of myself first to be able to fully concentrate on caring for the family.  Everybody needs some “Me Time” including myself and there is no exception to it.

It is essential to have time off to recharge and rejuvenate my spirit so that I can cope fully with the stresses of motherhood and caring for my three kids.

I should and can have a life besides just caring for the kids and taking care of the household.

It shouldn’t be difficult to schedule your babysitters with a sitter scheduling program like Sitter Scout.

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I find that it is great that I am ensured that there is someone to take care of the kids. I would be able to go for the baking class which I had been planning to attend and have some time to do what I like.  I would  also  have peace of mind while attending the class as I know the kids are in good hands.

Taking time off for myself really perks me up and makes me happier. It rubs off on the kids too as I am more tolerant with them and they too are happier when mummy’s happy too.

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Weekend Reflections- Spending Time


This past week I have been spending a lot of time with R.

It has been some time since we last went on a kid free holiday. It felt so carefree and relax as I need not need to lug around extra luggage and carry the boys (especially Roy) when they get tired.  Lugging a 14kg toddler is not something that I fancy as it would mean an aching back and arms. It also will relate to me being unable to do any shopping or spending time chatting with my friends in a cafe.

It is great to be able to sleep in and not be constantly interrupted during the night by Roy waking up and I having to go over to pacify him or him climbing into bed with us.

I have the opportunity to walk hand in hand with R browsing through window displays and talking about the plans that we have for ourselves as a couple and as a family.

When is the last time you spend time together without the kids?

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