Year – End Reflection 2018

Year End Reflection 2018

Entering the tail end of Advent and count down to Christmas it is time again to reflect on what had happened this year- 2018. This year I have cut down a lot on blogging as I focused more on the family. I’ve actively hit the books and completed the year long course that I had signed up for. It’s time again for me to decide on what else I will want to add to my resume and what skills I would like to acquire or fine-tune come 2019.

Next year I will be pursuing hobbies which I have neglected while I was busy adjusting to my new role as a single parent. Photography and Japanese are the areas that I am going to add back into my weekly routine. Macro photography, Japanese Cuisine and speaking and writing the language. I’m looking forward to the new challenges in picking up new photography skills and being more fluent in Japanese. 🙂

Here on Dominique’s Desk I will be starting of a new series which will document the challenges/ experience of moving from Primary to Secondary. Having experience this twice with Monkey Boy and Doggie Boy I have a better idea how to prepare both the child and parent adequately for this transition. I will be sharing my thoughts and some pointers which parents can look out for if their kids too are in the transition year.

Do drop me a comment if you have any issues you would like me to address in this upcoming series.