Percy’s Imprefectly Perfect Family

Talking about Divorce is never an easy topic with kids. In Percy’s Imperfectly Prefect Family by Renee C Bauer  kids get to understand this complex topic through the story Renee tells about Percy the penguin who found it hard to understand the change in his family’s dynamics when his parents decided to get divorce.

The little penguin was feeling very confused when he realized that his life was going to change. His mom and dad will be living separately and he had to shuttle between two households.

He was not his usual perky self as he was riddled with question about having to adjust to the changes between his parents.

Percy was lucky to have his teacher Mrs Stout to explain to him about the changes in family dynamics which he will be facing.  With her help he manage to understand the true meaning of family- people who are there who really care and support you.

It is the people not the place that makes a home.  It is defined by the love one person has for another.

Percy learned that change doesn’t mean that things will be getting worst for him. On the contrary he still could have his current lifestyle with some minor changes.  Both his parents still love him and that won’t change a bit.

My Thoughts

Dealing with a topic like Divorce is not something which a kid can easily understand.  It takes a lot of patience and plenty of explanation.

One has to handle the separation delicately  to prevent the kids from suffering from trauma and or depression.  The kid has to know that it is  not their fault that his parents are getting divorced and things will work out somehow.

Bauer approaches this topic with much simplicity that makes it easy even for a 6 year old to understand.  Through a mixture of words and graphics she  explains how the dynamics within a family can remain the same even though change has to occur.

I’m certainly recommending this book to families  with kids who are undergoing divorce.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.  This post has affiliate links.