Writer’s Workshop: Xtremely Refreshing Scene

At the Man Made Lake in  Taiwan

At the Man Made Lake in Taiwan

It’s fall and the colors around us have changed. There are lesser greens but more browns and reds as we move towards winter.

Being in Asia the changes in scenery is more subtle as we do have evergreens in our region. It was nice that I was able to visit a lake  and enjoy it’s tranquility .

It was nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be engulfed by nature.  It was a rare  opportunity  for me to be seated  down on a bench at the lake side to admire the scenery in front of me.

Seeing the ripples on the surface of the water and listening to the chirping of the birds in the tree temporarily  transported me away from the stresses of city living and emptied up my mind of the troubling thoughts that had been clouding it.

It was great not to think about anything and just let myself Stone out. I felt so calm and rested even though it  was a  extremely hot being at the lake  during noon.

Feeling the warmth  of the sun rays  which had heated up the bench made me think about all the  opportunities that I have had this year. How blessed I have been to be able to meet new people and go places while travelling .

What is your favourite  view this fall?



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