What Would you Do If you Knew you Could Not Fail

Book Cover

Book cover

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?: How to Transform Fear into Courage by Nina Lesowitz & Mary Beth Sammons is a book filled with stories on how  fear can be transformed.

In the  10 chapters the authors bring one through how we may experience fear in different stages of our lives.


They touch on the following

– The meaning of courage

– How to create a courageous mindset

– Overcoming fear and facing the unknown and having the courage to speak out.

-Building bridges and facing adversity

– Having the courage to begin again and to fight

– Having the courage to try again and just do it.

Fear need not be overwhelming in our lives. Everyone does have fears and it is doesn’t need to take over your life. It is possible to channel your fears away and transform it into courage.

In each chapter personal stories are being shared about how individuals overcome their fears and rise against the odds. There are also short summaries and tips at the end of chapters for one to takeaway.

My thoughts 

I found the read very inspirational. The stories of courage within the book really touched me and only proved that nothing is impossible.

It can be said with the challenges and obstacles that we face in life, if one has the correct attitude everything can be achieved.  Positive affirmation and taking action we will see the results that we desire.

Adversity can be overcome and we don’t have to resigned to living with our fears or be paralyzed by it.

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