Weekend Reflection: Chocolate Milk or Green Tea?

Chocolate Milk and Green Tea

Chocolate Milk and Green Tea

2014 is certainly a year of change. We are experiencing lots of changes both in our lives in our external environment. In the papers there has been freak weather in many places. The polar vortex and massive contamination of seafood due to the radiation leak during the explosion of the nuclear facility in Japan have seriously wreaked havoc on our earth.

Massive storms, pollution and change in weather has resulted in food shortage and increase in food price. Now more then ever I need to pay special attention to what we eat and to get the best deal for the dollar.

It is like choosing between chocolate milk and green tea to drink when one is thirsty. Which one will help quench your thirst? Which one is lesser in calories and healthier to drink?  Decisions have to be made and choices and options are to be carefully weighed against one another.

The only way that one is able to make an informed decision is to gather all the relevant information and facts that are available for consideration. With the prevalence of the internet it has been easier to gather data on whatever subject one is interested in. This month I have been doing a lot of research on healthy eating and looking at  different  meal recipes which we can incorporate into my meal planning.

Besides having a balanced meal with the adequate amount of fruits, vegetables and meats I have been looking at which dishes to put together for dinner so that I can efficiently make use of the one hour for meal preparation which I have allocated myself. I do have a fully equipped kitchen with all the latest kitchen gadgets – food processor, blender, steamer, microwave, oven , slow cooker , mixer and stove at my disposable.  Running two or three of these equipment simultaneously really cuts down the time needed to whip out 3 dishes and a soup for dinner.

So far I have been able to churn out 3 dishes and a soup 4 days this week. I’m sure this is something which I will be able to do on a weekly basis once I fine tune my meal planning. I intend to try out two to four new dishes each month and tweak them to our family’s taste buds.

So will it Chocolate Milk or Green Tea for you?



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