English Composition- Understanding the Rubrics (Part 2)

In the last post I covered how important Content is in English Composition.  It takes the bulk of the marks awarded in an essay. If you do not have strong content it is not possible to score a good mark in English Composition.

This post I will be covering the other two components- Language and Organization.

The other two components

The other two components

The components Language and Organization are commonly grouped together. They make up 40% of the mark awards in an essay.

What is Language?

There are a few different definitions of this but in this context it refers to the use of suitable grammar and vocabulary to explain your thoughts and feelings in words.  One has to use the correct tenses and features of speech( if applicable).

How to score under Language?

One will need to have the most one or two mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. There should be appropriate, varied and outstanding usage of vocabulary within the essay.  Sentences have to be well structured and differentiated  expressions depending on the scenarios given.


What is Organization?

It is the arrangement of your story from the start to the end. The logical aspect of the essay is focused  on in this area. How your thoughts are organized and linked from one point to another matters. Your reader needs to be able to follow your train of thought and not get lost in the process.


How to score under Organization?

In this section it is important that one understands the “flow” of the essay. You need to be able to arrange your ideas and facts in a coherent order. The paragraphs that you write should be able to link one idea to another.  You need to have an introduction, main body and conclusion to the story that you are writing about.

In the next post I will be focusing on common mistakes which students make in English composition.

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