Writer’s Workshop: She said that?

Side profile of Tiger girl

Side profile of Tiger girl

Tiger girl has been talking a lot since she was two. What started off as single words morphed into short sentence and now into lengthy discussions.  At 3 years old she is able to have a two sided conversation with you , voice out her own opinion together with a lengthy explanation.

Just the other day I was sharing on my Facebook status  about the stern 3yr old housekeeper which I have. We seldom cook on the weekend and normally eat out or pack lunch or dinner back. As my hand phone was still in the charger I didn’t bother to unplug it and bring along.

When I came back I received a shelling from Tiger girl.

This is what she said.
“Mummy why didn’t you tell me that you were going out to buy dinner?
Do you know that you need to let me know if you are going out?
Why didn’t you inform me and bring me along?
Why didn’t you bring your phone along?
Do you know that I called you but there was no answer because you didn’t bring your phone along ?
Next time bring your phone when you go out so I can call you.. understand???
It really sounded like an what I would have said to a teenager rather then something from a 3 year old.

What have your kids said that made your cringe?

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