Staying Healthy while being Back at School

doggie boy and tiger girl

Tiger girl  sending  Doggie boy off to school in the morning

The school holidays are over and the kids are back at school. Term 3 has started and it is back to the school routine for Doggie boy .No more late nights, fun play dates and  weekday outings as it back to the study table and focusing more on their academic development.

doggie boy

Doggie boy, my 5.5yr old will be entering Primary one next year and I’m currently getting him ready for entering “big school” next year. To ensure that he gets the best preparation for this transition from Kindergarten to Primary school it is important that he doesn’t miss too many days of school due to illness.


To keep him healthy I have been doing the following with Doggie boy

  1. I make sure that he eats healthy foods and drink lots of water everyday.
    To minimize him eating junk foods and too many sweets  I have been cooking healthy dinner for the kids daily during the week. This would ensure that he gets the proper  vitamins and nutrients  which my growing boy dinnerOne of the kids favourite- rice with breaded chicken, fish cake and vegetables.
  2. I make sure that he gets enough sleep.
    Kids his age need about 8-10 hours of sleep so it is off to bed by 9.30pm during school nights.
  3. I set a study routine for him.
    Doggie boy has 45 min to an hour of lessons with me after dinner before he is allowed 20-30 minutes of play time on the computer/ Xbox or toys. He is taught how to balance study and play and how to prioritize his time.
  4. I teach him about good hygiene practices.
    I insist that Doggie boy takes a bath upon returning home from school. This will prevent him from bringing germs and dirt into the house. He is also expected to wash his hands after using the bathroom,before eating meals and whenever they are dirty.
  5. I bring him swimming weekly and we try to take the stairs instead of the lift as often as we can.
    This gives him chance to exercise regularly  and keep fit and healthy.
  6. Getting him to stay home if he is sick
    Making him stay home till he is fully recovered will make it easier for him to get well and also limits his exposure to other children at school who may be sick with communicable illness.

How do you keep your child healthy during school term?


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