Friendship Friday, P52{Playtime} and other Friday Memes

The first week of holiday is nearly over. The kids are having a really fun time. They went to the Singapore Art Museum, spent time with their grandparents and cousins and had lots of meals out. I also brought them for their bi-annual dental checkup to see how their teeth were fairing.  I’m glad to hear from the dentist that  their pearly whites are in relatively good condition and they have been brushing well.

We went to the Tanglin Club on one of our outings and the kids had a blast there playing with in the pool.

Tiger girl cooling off

Tiger girl is a bit too young to leave unsupervised at the pool so she was restricted to the fountain play area next to the pool. She had her bit of fun running in and out of the fountain and getting totally drenched.

water play

The boys and their cousin having a friendly water game in the baby pool.


The kids were starving after their water play session and happily wolfed down this cute bear face ham and cheese pizza.

Do you kids love playing in water too?


Friendship Friday

Question Of The Week

What’s the best blog post that you’ve read this week?

This guest post by Regina Moo on Bottomsup blog.

What made it so special?

I love how honest Regina is in the post by relating how her growing up years were for her and how she has survived and grown to be a stronger person overcoming all odds. She also wrote a really touching piece about her own childhood which I personally can relate to coming from divorced parents too.

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