Taming your Alpha Bitch by Rebecca Grado & Christy Whitman

Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How to be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!) is the latest book which I got to review. The title really caught my attention.

I’m sure that everyone in some point of time have encountered someone who comes off as overbearing and has a really condescending attitude.  Sometimes we ourselves play the part of Alpha Bitch and it has made relationships with others sometimes unbearable.

Rebecca & Christy’s book spellings out the traits of the different types of alphas which we may meet.

– Forceful alpha

– Challenging alpha

– Competitive alpha

– Disruptive alpha

Fear and insufficiency drive them and bring out the worst in a person.  The primitive  alpha  start to anticipate the worst possible outcome in virtually every situation and unwittingly become our own worst enemies. It leads to one being constantly high strung and stressed up due to a lot of unwanted thoughts streaming constantly through your mind.

By focusing on the shift on all that is missing, wrong, and insufficient the alpha bitch becomes a very bitter and hated person who is avoided and isolated from the rest.

There is a a way of turning  Transforming Lack and Limitations into Sufficiency and Abundance. This is explained clearly in the book.

I enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot of how one can empower yourself in your femininity .

I certainly recommend this book.

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