Writer’s Workshop: 5 Things You don’t know

Five © by Stew Dean

5 Things You Don’t know about me

  1. I keep to the appointment time and are punctual for any appointment. If I’m running late I will tell the other party in advance.
  2. The only alcoholic drink I really enjoy drinking is Bloody Mary. However I’m okay with just Tomato Juice or other vegetable juices.
  3. I have a very good sense of direction and seldom refer to the map for directions.
  4. I can cook up a 4 dish meal with dessert within an hour.
  5. I always love teddy bears however since the kids were born my interest in them have waned and see them more as decoration pieces then one of attachment.

5 Things  I am knowledgeable about.

  1. Teaching elementary school kids. I have been at it for the past 10 years.
  2.  Baby wearing and Breastfeeding. I have been using carriers for all my kids as they don’t really like to be in a pram.  All 3 have been breastfed and I’ve yet to wean Tiger girl yet.
  3. Handling multiples. Anyway from 3 to 43 on a daily basis. I used to have 43 kids in my class now it’s just the 3 kids and me and the ratio is really much better.
  4. How to set up a WordPress blog, creating graphics and writing articles. Did I mention that I’m also a freelance writer?
  5. Cooking and baking. I’m cooking for the family during the weekdays and have been making 3D cakes for the kids birthday. An upcoming project will be to tackle a 3D playable Angry bird cake which Doggie Boy has ordered for his  5th birthday later this month.


5 Things I know nothing about


  1. How to earn a constant stream of income online and become a WAHM.
  2. Economics. I barely passed the compulsory units back in University when I was studying for my commerce degree.
  3. What the kids will grow up to be in the future.
  4. Whether we will still stay in Asia or retire to another country in the future.
  5. Skillfully handling office politics and being “sweet” to all the snakes and vixens in the workplace. Maybe that’s why I feel more at home with the kids then at work.

5 Things which I believe in


  1. There is a GOD , a superior spiritual being, that is looking down and taking care of us.
  2. I should be true to myself and my family. There is no point better satisfaction then seeing your love ones healthy and happy.
  3. Working on relationships which are important to you like marriage, kids and important  family members . Drop all other toxic relationships/alliances irregardless of whether that person is immediate family or not.
  4. Life in this century is much harder then our parents and forefathers have it. Even though they don’t have the modern conveniences that we have but life was certainly less complicated.
  5. Be optimistic.  There is certainly light at the end of a tunnel.


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