10 Things I wish for my Kids

The kids and me at Stanley in Hong Kong

Kids today face more pressure today then back then when I was a kid. Being a child back then was much simpler and the world did not revolve around at such a break neck speed.

Here are my 10 wishes for my kids

  1. Be able to sit and pay attention in church.

    I don’t know if church was more interesting back then then now but it would really be nice if they could fully participate in the weekly mass instead of squirming and playing around in their seats.

  2. Writing  letters to pen pals

    Writing on paper and sending it through the mail would be great for them. I remember writing to Pen pals which I had in Greece, Hong Kong and Taiwan back when I was a teen and I still keep in contact with my pen pals and do meet up with them if the opportunity arises.

  3. Be able to accept failureI find that Monkey Boy  has lots of difficulty accepting failure. He has a strong competitive streak and cannot accept the fact that he is not 1st in what he does.  It is only by trying and learning from failure will he able to succeed.
  4. Be Determined

    I find that they give up too easily. ” It’s too difficult!! I can’t do it”  and the task at hand is recklessly abandoned. If they don’t learn how to stick to the task how are they able to complete it? They can’t expect me to solve all their problems for them. I won’t!! I don’t remember seeking help from my parents at the first instance but only after several tries and exhausting all my means do I seek help.

  5. Be self-disciplined

    I don’t remember my parents having to constantly nag at me to complete my homework or to do my chores. I really dread having to REPEAT what I say to the boys to make sure that they get things done on time and properly.  I guess it would take a miracle for them to really pay attention and do what they need to do on a daily basis.

  6. Be adventurous

    I want them to pursue their curiosity and try out new things like we did when we were young.

  7. Have long term goals

    I want my kids to be able to have something to look forward to besides aiming for the latest toy in the market.  It would be great if they could pick up new skills which help them in the future.

  8. Be humble

    I feel that kids now are more arrogant and showy as compared to kids of yesterday. It is better to be humble and appreciative of what you have.

  9. Be flexible

    Things are moving at a super fast pace nowadays and one must be flexible to capitalize on the changes in society. I hope that they will be able to go with the flow and modify how they handle situations to optimize their advantages.

  10. Learn to have fun

    Kids nowadays can be too stressed up. They have to learn to let go and enjoy at times.