Zoom Zoom around Mummy


If you really knew me, you would know that my daily life is really full of activities with me constantly having to zoom from one activity to another to ensure that everything gets completed on time.

Here’s a list of things which you should know  about me if you have been around long enough.

Riona and Ruffy

  1. I love my teddy bear .

    This teddy  has traveled with me throughout collage and back and seen met through the birth of my 3 kids.  I named him Ruffy after my favourite  brand of chips – Ruffles. If you look closely you can see the resemblance – Chubby  Cheeks

  2. I love having my own set of wheels.

    It really helps me get around with the kids in tow. If I’m driving myself around or just R and I are having a date night it would be nice to go around town in a Golf GTI if we do have spare cash for a 2nd car.

  3. I multi-task when I cook.

    I do desserts together with the main meal. If I feel up to it I will be baking chocolate cake and chilling jelly while I marinate the meats and fry/steam the vegetables. At the same time I would be singing nursery rhymes to tiger girl as she rocks herself in her rocker and supervising Monkey boy or Doggy boy as they do the laundry.

  4. I have a really varied range of hobbies.

    They include photography, graphic design, cooking and baking , reading, playing musical instruments, learning languages, computer programing  and flower arrangement. I have interest in reading up all the technical stuff that R is into so that I’ll be able to understand him fully whenever he engages in his boy talks with his friends.

  5. I really hope that I will be able to travel this year.

    I’m currently taking a few years off work to focus my energies on the kids.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to travel during the off peak seasons and tag along with R on his business trip. I’m thinking of visiting Germany this year if possible.

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