Tackling Back to School

Today marks the 1st day of school for Ryan. It is the start of a new chapter in his life and mine. I use to dread the 1st day of school as it used to mark the start of  the new work year. Today the scenario is different from the previous years as I’m playing the role of the parent instead of the teacher. It gives me more reason to enter the day feeling  more optimistic.

As I saw my little boy put on his new school uniform and school shoes it made me briefly reflect upon the time when I was in school. I do not remember how it was on my 1st day. I guess that I may have been just as nervous as he was today. This morning he confided in me that he was a bit nervous as he will be attending a new school and traveling on a different school bus. The pre-school which he was in was in a different location and there were fewer pupils studying there as compared to his current school.I was initially quite worried about how he would be able to adapt.  However deep down inside,  I was  sure that he will be able to adapt to his new environment and classmates without much difficulties as he is quite adaptable by nature.

This afternoon I followed him to school on his school bus so that I would be able to know which route the bus took. He is one of the last few students to be fetched by the bus so he does not need to spend such a long time traveling on the road. He seemed a bit lost when he reached school but the helpful prefects and older kids did their best to guide him along. I’m sure that my little boy will warm up to the new school in time and enjoy studying there as much as he did in his pre-school.

How was your child’s 1st day of school?