Weekend Reflections- Having Fun


This weekend the boys had fun at West Coast Plaza. We went there after church service today and the boys were thrilled to go on a free kiddy ride, play on the WII- Mario Kart game and try out the Daytona like racing car on the specially built circuit.

Ryan got his chance to try out handling a remote control car like the one shown in the picture above. It was not easy for him to maneuver the car around the circuit. It looked more like he was playing bumper cars then a remote control car as it kept on bashing into other cars or the sides of the track.  I tried it myself and it really wasn’t easy to steer even with a dial shaped remote control.  It takes lots of skill and practice to get the toy car zooming skillfully around the track without crashing.

The boys also enjoyed going on a furry green elephant kiddy ride. This movable ride was steered with a steering wheel and Ryan had fun giving Roy a ride around the aisle of the shopping mall.  On normal occasions I would not let the boys try out such a ride as the $2 price tag for a 3-4 minutes ride is really not worth splurging on.

How was your weekend?

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